“Dr. Who”!

So I just recently, despite the fact that it’s been on my radar for years, started watching “Dr. Who”, and I know this is a source of serious argument and personal taste, but I love Matt Smith as the The Doctor so much. He is my absolute favorite. I mean, David Tenant and Christopher Eccleston are awesome too, but I freaking love Matt Smith. He has that perfect combination of ancient wisdom and nine- year old on a sugar rush, with a dash of bad ass pacifist warrior (stranger combination of words I have never typed). So I decided to share some of my favorite moments from The Doctor, cuz I like sharing the things that I love.

That’s my favorite episode!

Soo…. I guess what I’m saying here is- I love Matt Smith, though only as The Doctor, don’t know him otherwise, and I want to marry him and have his babies. Matt Smith, if you’re reading this for some reason, sorry if that came across as creepy.

Oh! And I have two weird coincidence stories for you, in case you care. Okay, so a couple weeks ago, when I first started watching “Doctor Who”, someone finally answered my question on the “Libraries in Movies” post I did a while back, where it was obviously a screenshot, but I had no idea from what. Hang on-


That, it was that. Anyway, so someone finally let me know what it was from, which was “The Silence in the Library” from Season 5. Well, again, this was maybe a week after I started watching the show, who knows how long since I had posted it to begin with, and then the next day I saw that episode on BBC America. It was too weird.

Also, today I was at work, telling my coworker about this show, since I was thinking about it and I can be a tad bit obsessive and while I was telling him about it I was making someone’s drink and they got all excited because it turns out they’re a big Who- fan too. They were even wearing a Bad Wolf Corporation t- shirt at the time. It’s freaking weird how this keeps happening 🙂


Awesome Random Little Libraries

These are Little Free Libraries, a movement that started in Wisconsin and is spreading around the U.S., that has people building little hutches, about the size of dollhouses, in their front yards. They usually have a sign on them that says “Take a book, leave a book, or both” and has helped people strengthen communities. The movement was started by Tod Boll, as a way to honor his late mother, a book- loving teacher.

I’m not sure if these are part of the Little Free Library movement, but they sure are cute.

This is in Brazil, where they are apparently doing this sort of thing to promote literacy. That is an actual bus stop. How cool is that?

I have no idea where this is from but it’s pretty awesome.


I have no idea who came up with the idea for this, but I’m pretty sure they’re a genius.

Libraries in Movies

This is part of my Awesome Libraries series, but these are all from movies. I thought it would be fun to include them.

I had to look pretty closely, but I’m pretty sure this is from “Star Wars”, “Clone Wars” if memory serves.

“Beauty and the Beast.” You had to know this one was coming. It was every little nerd girl’s dream.

This one is obviously a screenshot but hell if I know what movie it’s from. If anyone knows, please tell me in the comments, I would appreciate it.

This is from “Fullmetal Alchemist”, a badass anime from a few years ago. Not sure if it ever appeared in the series, but this kind of scene had to have happened at one point or another, whether they showed it or not.

I’m not sure if this is a screenshot or just a photo, but whatever. It’s cool either way.

Okay, not technically a movie scene, but it’s movie themed and it is a library, soo… yeah, I’m calling it good.

This isn’t any one movie or book specifically but I liked it and it sort of fit, so there you go.

Oh and I found this too. It was too awesome not to share.