Okay, so to lay it all out, I intend this to be about books., not that that’s a surprise given the title, but I felt it was worth saying. I have read God only knows how many books in my life and I have a surplus of opinions, and not only that but I have been informed that my opinions are often correct.

There is probably nothing in the world that I know better than stories; movies, books, TV, comic books, whatever, I know them and they make sense to me. I have loved books, stories of all flavors really, for a very long time and I feel like I’ve developed an insight or two.

There are times when the entire book is a masterpiece, beginning to end and the whole thing is so beautiful, so perfect that it almost seems like the pages are glowing. There are books that are just wonderful and you love virtually every thing about them. There are the so- so books that you love despite their flaws, the books that if it weren’t for one or two things would have no redeeming value whatsoever, and of course there are the really crappy books that you just put down and walk quietly away from, trying desperately to pretend that you didn’t just waste your time on that garbage. Then there are the times when nothing anyone does in a given storyline does makes sense, possibly because the author was on drugs (just a personal theory), they had no idea what they were doing, or somewhere in the depths of their subconscious the characters staged a rebellion and took over. Which, admittedly, can sometimes lead to greatness, not often but it can, or, more often, it can lead to a book that just flat out does not compute. Those are the weird ones.

With this blog I would like to discuss some books, my favorites, the ones I hated and the ones that just plain made no sense. I welcome feedback, provided it’s an actual discussion and not just disagreeing with me and not including the reason.

I will try to discuss books in sequential order if they’re in a series but if I’ve recently read the newest one and just have to talk about it, you’ll have to bear with me. I will also occasionally go off into the world of the large or small screen since, as I said, I know stories, all kinds of stories. Just try to bear with me. I hope you enjoy.


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