Nalini Singh

I feel like I have to say something about this author, despite the fact that I love her books. They’re kinda cheesy, but I love them. The thing I have to mention is the titles of her books. They’re completely ridiculous. They’re like, weirdly pornographic titles. I mean, I know they’re romance novels, so it isn’t without reason but my god, really? You’re gonna call your book “Slave to Sensation”? Really? Now, it should be noted that this book is about an empath, so the title sort of works, but again, why does it have to be so ridiculous? Or her next one, which is called “Visions of Heat”, which is about a forseer.
I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again. This is a violation of my literary laws. And you should name your books something good, or interesting, not something that makes people hide their book against the table and hope no one asks what their reading. It’s embarrassing. I mean, I’ve made fun of other authors for that kind of crap. Like Laurell K. Hamilton for instance. Do you know how hard I laughed when I saw that one of her books was called “Lick of Frost”? (a character in that series is named Frost) Really, really hard. Other people in the bookstore gave me weird looks and moved away from me, but that didn’t stop me. And now I follow a series that has titles like that regularly. Why would you do that to me? Why? I still mock Laurell K. Hamilton for that crap, and they’re called that. Of course there are all sorts of other reasons to mock Laurell K. Hamilton if you ignore that one, but that was one of my favorites dammit!

Also, since I’m talking about Nalini Singh and my literary laws, I’ll go ahead and toss this out there: she’s edging dangerously close to Character Abuse and I’m not okay with that. Character Abuse, for those of you who haven’t read my post on literary laws, is when the author is clearly working out some aggression, or self hate or something, and makes their characters go through the most ridiculous amount of crap imaginable. If there is a way to hurt the characters, some arcane bit of horror to make them experience, whether it makes any sense or adds to the plot in a meaningful way or not, they’ll do it. I highly disapprove of this kind of behavior. And Nalini Singh is edging very close to being guilty of this kind of crap. I’m really not okay with that. For now, I’m letting it go since she’s clearly going for a mood in her books of danger being very close, of passion and violence being all around you at every moment, especially in her Hunter series, and to do that you obviously have to make some sacrifices but I’m watching her. She’s very close to being on my list. I’d hate to put her on it, because then I don’t think I can read her books anymore. Nalini, if you’re reading this, be nicer to your characters. I’m begging you.


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