I have a question for you guys and anyone who has an opinion is welcome to give me suggestions. Okay, so I recently decided to give being a bartender a try since my previous career plan went over about as well as one of those elephant ballerinas in Fantasia, except imagine that in real life. Anyway, so I went to school and learned all the stuff, blah blah blah, and I have since been looking for a job as a bartender. The school I went to gives you job leads and one of them was for this swanky restaurant downtown. I decided to give that one a try, among others. This one particularly though, seemed promising, since the restaurant manager/owner looked at my resume and told me that they couldn’t interview me that week, since it was right before Mother’s Day, but they would get back to me the next week to set something up. I said okay, cool. I wait until Tuesday, then, deciding to be proactive, I called them to set something up. They tell me to come in Thursday and to ask for Zack or Rabii. Awesome. I wait til, Thursday at 1:30, like they said and I go in. They tell me that Rabii has been called away on an emergency, come back at five. I get pissed, cuz I got all dressed up and fancy for nothing, but whatever. I leave, wait til five, then go back. Pay to park for the second time that day, and go in, ask for Rabii. They tell me they will let him know and he will interview me when he gets the chance. I wait twenty five or so minutes, smiling at eveyone and getting progressively angrier at being ignored until the same guy comes up and tells me that Rabii is stuck in traffic. Could I come back the next day? And maybe call ahead to check that Rabii is there first? Now here’s my question: should I even go back? Cuz that was last week and I’m starting to think I was premature in walking away, but that was bull crap. Suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Suggestions?

  1. I say call em, and if you sense they’re jerking you around or fail to interview you again, blow em off, maybe let them know that you’re not happy about it either. What do you have to lose? One more chance, and if they’re still messing with you, tell em “screw you, with some sexual harassment on top!”

  2. that’s what i’ve been leaning towards. after all, what do i have to lose? and i might gain a job. possibly minus the sexual harrassment thing, though 🙂

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