To Watch Or Not To Watch

I’m torn on whether or not to see “Snow White and the Huntsman.” I mean, it looks really good, but it has Kristen Stewart in it, and I’m pretty staunchly anti- Kristen Stewart. Chick cannot act. Like, at all. She doesn’t emote, you can’t see her think, she has no screen prescence, nothing. She’s pretty, and she played Bella. That’s it. And there’s a reason she was picked to play that grey, washed out character. I don’t like her. However, “Snow White and the Huntsman” looks really, really good and it has Chris Hemsworth (Thor) in it. That counts for a lot. That man is unbelievably hot. So, there’s that.

I do think I’ll end up seeing it though, and I’ll show you why (I hope I’m doing this right):

And if that didn’t post right, just look up Florence and the Machine, Breath of Life. Beautiful song and apparently it’s a song in the movie, so they end up showing scenes from it in there… I think I’m gonna end up seeing that movie. But I can’t condemn an entire movie based purely on one actress right? No matter how bad she is? Hell, maybe she’ll surprise me and actually do well. You never know. I’ve been greatly surprised before.

Oh and here’s a funny story, though no one else seems to appreciate it as much as I feel like they should, cuz it’s hilarious. Maybe I haven’t been telling it right. Okay, so when I went to seen “Hunger Games”, I saw it on opening day and I ended up sitting shoulder to shoulder with some random chick who was somewhere around sixteen or so, if I’m any judge. Anyway, the previews were going and one for “Snow White and the Huntsman” came on and, like I said, it looks good. And I said so out loud, because well, I think out loud sometimes. And I believe my exact words were “Well, I’m generally anti- Kristen Stewart but that does look good.” This was at the end of the preview, btw. And, then, immediately afterward, comes a preview for the (thankfully) last “Twilight” movie, and the chick next to me, no shit, let’s out this full on fangirl shriek like you would not believe. Really loud, really close to my ear, immediately after I basically just bashed her apparent heroine. Awesome.


2 thoughts on “To Watch Or Not To Watch

  1. Gemma says:

    I’m with you on the whole Kristen Stewaet thing, shes so emotionless!
    Kristan Stewart mad: -___-
    Kristen Stewart upset: -___-
    Kristen Stewart shocked: -___-
    Kristen Stewart confused: -___-
    Kristen Stewart absolutely estatic and jumping for joy: -___-

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