“Nature Girl” by Carl Hiaasen

I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed in this book. I don’t know, maybe I went into it with too many expectations. I kept hearing how hilarious Hiaasen is, and I just didn’t find him that funny. Maybe he’s just not my brand of humor or something, but I went into it expecting a Christopher Moore or Terry Pratchett and that’s not what I got. It had it’s funny moments, but it was not hilarious.

That said, it was a good book. Not great, but good. The explanation for why Honey is a bit off her rocker was strange but I guess I can see it. Caring too much will mess with anyone’s head. And the ending everyone got was nice, very appropriate for all concerned, including the dude who got his head bashed in. Which sounds a bit extreme, admittedly, but the guy was an asshole and was actively threatning to kill a kid. Of course one of the kid’s parents killed him. And the bit with Gillian and Sammy Tigertail was nice. But somehow the book seemed to be missing something. I can’t quite put my finger on what, but it was definitely missing something.

The writing was good, the characters were a bit flat, but interesting, the ending was good, the good guys got a happy ending and the bad guys got comeuppance, something I’m always in favor of, but somehow it was missing something. Hell, maybe it was just the humor that all the quotes on the front kept promising and was never really delivered. I smiled but never laughed. Maybe that’s all it was.


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