I Refuse

Just to let you guys know, I will not be reading, or reviewing, “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James. I refuse. I’ve read a description of it and it sounds retarded. It apparently started as a “Twilight” fan fic thing, which is a mark against it as it is, and what I’ve heard of it does not endear itself further. Soo… if you were hoping for that, I’m very sorry, but you will be disappointed.

Oh, and as a note about “Twilight”, here’s my view: they are stupid in ways that have been ennumerated all over the internet and are good in ways that have been squealed about all over the internet, but I don’t really like them. They are badly written, the characters are one- dimensional, they were clearly written as fantasy for a woman who was quiet and unremarkeable in school and their treatment of vampires and werewolves hurts me. That said, there is something about them that reaches into the back of your head, grabs something, and twists. I find it best to avoid them. So, while I won’t blame anyone for liking them initially, I will judge the crap out of them for not coming to their senses.


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