Charlaine Harris

I considered doing this book by book, but I decided that would take too long and would ultimately be repetitive since I have basically the same thing to say about all of her books. She has great ideas but can’t execute them worth crap. Seriously, her Sookie books? Great idea! HBO took it to make a series and if HBO took it, you know it’s good. But if you’ve read the books, you know that they devolve, fairly quickly, into details about her cleaning her house and going shopping. Then, there’s the ever- annoying, everyone wants the main character thing. There isn’t a man that Sookie comes into contact with, except her brother, that doesn’t at some point want her or fall in love with her. I hate it when they do that. It is possibly my biggest literary pet peeve ever when everyone loves the main character, wants to jump her bones, is in love with her, or is jealous of her. I hate that crap. And it happens in every single book.

In her other series, where the chick, whatever her name is, can see the last moments of death when she stands at their grave, it happens again: great concept, horrible execution. Less of “everyone loves her and wants her” in this one, but it still happens more than I feel is normal. And, I didn’t read very much of it, but it also quickly devolved into boring, poorly executed crap.

I’ve read a short story by her that had a fairly interesting concept that I wouldn’t have minded hearing more about. Or at least, I would have liked to until I finished the story. After that, I had a feeling I knew where it was going.

Listen, I would like to like her more. I really, really would. I mean, I’ve met her at a book signing, she seemed like a really nice lady. She’s a mom and lives in a small town, and all on her own she started a kind of literary empire. Good for her! But until her writing improves and she learns what to do with her characters and their stories, I just can’t read her anymore. Someone let me know when she improves.


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