Things That Are Always, Always a Bad Plan (In Fiction)

This is a list that I have compiled over years of watching movies and tv, and reading all sorts of books. They are the things that I have observed to always, always a bad plan.

– Saying “What else can go wrong?” because it inevitably will, not long after they say it. I also advise not doing this in real life, just to be safe. Also bad is saying “Things are as bad as they can get,” “What else can happen?” or really anything along those lines.

– Hanging out with vampires. I realize that there’s a whole sub-genre of novels, mostly romance novels, that says exactly the opposite of this, but I maintain that spending a lot of time around creatures that not only live hundreds of years longer than you but also view you as food can only end in tears. And blood, lots and lots of blood. Probably death.

-Artificial Intelligence. This one, if you’ve seen any sci fi movie in the past thirty years, needs no explanation. I mean, seriously, how can it end well? At best you end up with an intelligence that is most likely smarter than you and cannot die. That’s a recipe for badness.

-Making a deal with demons. In any kind of fantasy novel where demons show up, they’re always bad. Cuz, well, they’re demons. I really don’t feel like this calls for further explanation. They’re the personification of evil and/or the evil within mankind’s souls. Making any kind of deal with them and/or hanging out with them in any capacity really will not ever end well.

-Monologuing. Anyone who has ever seen a Bond movie or any superhero movie ever knows what a bad plan this is. It only gives the good guy a chance to turn the tables or for the reinforcements to arrive. Just cap the guy and call it a day.

-Capes. Have you seen “The Incredibles”? Yeah, cuz of that. Its a serious handicap, no matter how cool it looks.

-Radical science experiment. This doesn’t end well, you only have to look at Frankenstein to know that. I also have to mention that I don’t think it would end well in reality as I have heard of some scientists who are trying to create an alternate universe in their lab. Bad plan, guys. Bad plan.


2 thoughts on “Things That Are Always, Always a Bad Plan (In Fiction)

  1. You’re totally right! Some themes have become so over-used that they’ve become trite and a common nuisance! Especially vampires!

    • i don’t really understand how what is essentially our predator has suddenly turned into a sex symbol… okay i understand, it’s the ultimate “bad boy” thing, but it’s still stupid

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