“Girl With A Dragon Tattoo” by Steig Larsson

Okay, to start, I didn’t really care for this book. It wandered a good bit, the first hundred or so pages had absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the book and every time I turned around something horrible was happening to women and it was treated as normal. Also, I was lied to about this book. I was told it was great and that there was a great “girl power” moment. This was a total lie. I feel betrayed to this day that I was told that whopper. I mean, I get it, Elspeth got her revenge for terrible things happening to her but honestly, was it necessary for it to happen to her to begin with? Or for it to be described in excruciating detail? For God’s sake, really, in full, complete detail? Couldn’t we have just skipped over it, like a tactful fade-to-black? Honestly, after all that I didn’t care that she got her revenge, I just felt sickened and a little dirty, and not in a good way. Admittedly, I have a history of taking books too personally but I don’t feel like I stepped too far over that line.

And, on a not- unrelated topic, what the hell is up with her having a supposedly healthy relationship with the hero after being brutally raped like a week before? That does not happen in real life. I don’t care what’s wrong with that chick, she is not gonna just let that go like nothing happened.

The mystery was also kind of sickening, after everything else. I mean, this is a book where a chick is described in detail as being brutally raped, there’s a serial killer running around who rapes and kills women, and then it turns out that the girl who went missing ran away after years of being raped by her father and then her brother, who was also being raped by their father. This leads to a very serious question on my part: What the hell is wrong with Steig Larsson? This is an honest question on my part, one that I would really like an answer to. If anyone knows, please tell me in the comment section.

Also, and this is just a small thing but I feel it needs to be mentioned, he is way too specific about room dimensions. It’s weird, like every every room or cabin or whatever that is mentioned, Steig Larsson makes sure to mention how big it is. Now, this might be some weird Swedish thing (or Norway or wherever this is based) but I found it unnecessary and innaccurate. I seem to recall the book saying, proudly, that a cabin was 500 square feet. I don’t know if this was a mistranslation or what, but that’s really small. All of the rooms described are really small. I don’t get the point of mentioning it and I don’t see why they would be that small. I don’t remember any of the Northern European nations being overcrowded so why would they be that small? If it was Japan, maybe, but Sweden?

I don’t know, some people like this book, some people get all excited about it and love it and the movie, but I don’t get it. The subject was fairly horrifying and it wasn’t well written enough to carry that off. And when I say it was horrifying, I don’t mean in the spine- tingling, awesome, horrified fascination way of a Simon Green, Stephen King or Robert Harris. This was in a bad, I-feel-dirty,-why-am-I-still-reading-this kind of way.

Oh, and Steig, btw, having six tattoos is not a weird number of tattoos. Maybe things are different over there, but unless you have full neck to toe coverage, you don’t have a weird number of tattoos. Six is a little more than average but not a big deal. This girl is not a freak for that, or for having piercings. Grow up.


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