Devon Monk

I was going to do this book by book, but since my opinion has sort of changed i don’t think I can do that. Okay, let’s start from the top- her first book, “Magic in the Bones”, great book. Awesome. The writing is good, the heroine is kick ass, the hero is awesome, the whole thing is awesome. Then there was the second book which, while still good, was kinda creepy and not in a good way. I didn’t enjoy that one as much. Third one, “Magic in the Shadows”, is better but here’s the thing- she had added unnecessary, in my view, complications to an already complicated story. She added unnecessary challenges for a heroine who already had the cards stacked against her. And then, as though that weren’t enough, she added the heroine’s dad as a psychic passenger/ parasite/ whatever. The point is, her dad is in her head and can sometimes take control of her. Her dad is not a nice person, he is not a good person. And considering he’s basically possessing her, he’s also psychically raping her. This took me a little while to figure out,  I will admit, because it’s never presented that way. She never reacts like someone who is being possessed/ psychically raped by her dead, asshole father would act. I mean, she gets upset, and talks about how she wants him out and blah blah blah, but there’s never any mention of feeling violated or betrayed or any of the other things you would expect when someone, anyone, has taken up residence in your mind, in your innermost thoughts and occasionally forces you to act in ways you never wanted to. Let alone how someone would react if that person were their father. So not only is this psychic rape basically never addressed, just brushed off as “she’s strong”, but it’s incestuous psychic rape- by a dead guy. It took me a while to realize that that was why I always got very upset when I read her books and ended up with a serious case of the heebie jeebies. I just thought it was a matter of the books being creepy, which they totally are, but it’s way more than that. By all rights Allie, the heroine, should be almost catatonic by the fifth book. I don’t care how strong you are, your father possessing you, chunks of your memory falling away every time you use magic, which is all the time because you’re an idiot, and being surrounded by magical conspiracies, not to mention weird ghosts of magic users that show up every time you use magic and try to eat you, will take a toll on a person. Honestly, I don’t see why she still uses magic. If I lost chunks of memory every time I used it, not to mention suffered pain or fever, which is apparently the norm, it would take a life or death situation to make me use it. You have to have a secret love for pain or something to think that that is an okay trade to make, just to make a living. There are other ways to earn a paycheck, girl. And then getting caught up in the magical mafia, which leads to even more magic use and more price for magic… screw that. Either this author has never really thought through the actual, genuine emotional price such things would take or she’s a strong person who assumes that since she is strong, and thinks she can handle anything, then she literally can. I have a phrase for this kind of author- behavior by the way: it’s called character abuse, and it’s a violation of one of my literary laws. I’ll detail those in another post. The point is- she has unreasonable expectations for this chick and beats her up all the time. Just because you’re strong and have handled everything that life has thrown at you, doesn’t mean that there aren’t things, things that you just so happen to be detailing in your books, that you couldn’t handle. Hurting your character doesn’t make you or her look better. Just stop. And stop the psychic incestuous violation, it’s disgusting and it made me stop reading your books. And I LIKED Allie. I liked your series, despite the heebie jeebies. It was interesting, it was unusual, it was dark and shadowy and I love that in a book. But that’s just too much. Dial it back. Like, a lot.

#1 “Magic in the Bone”

#2 “Magic in the Blood”

#3 “Magic in the Shadows”

#4 “Magic on the Storm”

#5 “Magic at the Gate”

#6 “Magic on the Hunt”

there might be more, I’ve kinda given up on the series


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